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Program Background

The Boston Consortium Academic & Healthcare Travel Program offers discounts for domestic and international travel to a wide group of academic and healthcare organizations in the New England region.

Program access is through preferred agencies. Contact your institution’s travel department or AHTP Program Director for more information.

Program Suppliers

  • Airlines (Domestic & International)
  • Ground Transportation: Car and Truck Rentals (Domestic & International)
  • Rail (Amtrak – NE corridor)
  • Hotel (Local Properties)

Full text of program supplier contracts, program information, and alerts are available to Institutional Representatives. Contact the AHTP Program Director for login information.

Helpful Links for Travelers

>  Travel Program FAQs
1. What is the Academic & Healthcare Travel Program?

The Academic & Healthcare Travel Program (AHTP) is a membership travel program that supports the travel requirements of a consortium of academic and healthcare institutions based in New England. The AHTP was established in the 1980’s as institutions recognized the benefits of working together to contract for travel related services. The AHTP is a well-known and respected program by major travel suppliers. Contracted TBC travel suppliers provide members with equal access to worldwide discounts.

The program is managed by TBC and governed by a Steering Committee comprised of six representatives of the member institutions. All members are welcome on the “travel committee” and may participate in all travel related programs. Travel committee members come from many departments within their institutions.

2. Who is eligible to be part of the AHTP? How do I know if my institution participates?

Members of the program include non-profit academic and healthcare institutions based in the New England region (more than 30 institutions). TBC does not publicly share institutional member’s names; please email the program director ( or ask your travel manager (or other institutional representative) if your institution participates.

3. My institution is not a member. Can individuals join the program?

No, but we would like to have you! Ask your institutional representative if they have considered joining the travel program. We are happy to share membership information with your organization.

4. We are a Member. How do I access the program benefits?

Access to the travel program benefits are through a TBC preferred travel management company (TMC or agency). All agencies are selected by TBC and the member institutions and offer a full suite of benefits to individual and group travelers. Ask your travel manager or institutional representative how you can participate in your travel program. Not sure who that is? Ask the AHTP program director for your local contact.

5. What are the program benefits?

Program benefits negotiated by TBC include significant worldwide discounts offered by respected air, rail, automobile, and some limited local hotel suppliers, and are tailored to meet the specific needs of our unique group of member institutions. Contracted suppliers also offer access to a variety of non-cash program benefits that can significantly reduce travel costs available to members only (i.e., free bags, fee waivers, status match, no fee seat selection, shared flight credits and more!).

6. Have another question?

Contact: John Aiello, Director of Procurement Initiatives

Contact John Aiello, Director of Procurement Initiatives for additional information.

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