The Susan Vogt Leadership Fellows Program
September 2017 – May 2018

The Susan Vogt Leadership Fellows Program honors the remarkable work and spirit of Susan Vogt, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer at Wellesley College from 2000 to 2003. The Fellowship carries on her legacy by connecting, developing, and supporting emerging leaders within the schools of The Boston Consortium. The Fellowship seeks to increase awareness of the Consortium's values and activities at the grassroots level, connect and engage practitioners in meaningful projects, and foster collaboration and camaraderie in the next generation of leaders.

Program Benefits

Vogt Fellows will have excellent opportunities for development and networking. They will be able to develop their leadership and reflection skills through self-assessment and a collaborative final project. Along the way, they will build a peer-advising and coaching network that can last well beyond the Fellowship year. Fellows will develop personal learning plans to guide them and will avail themselves of Fellowship sponsors who will support them in accomplishing their goals. To further their development, each Fellow will be paired with an executive coach.

Colleges and Universities will enjoy numerous benefits from their participation in the Vogt Leadership Fellows Program, including the ability to:
  • foster employee capacity to lead effective and meaningful local change
  • initiate an important change project at their school
  • retain and reinvigorate highly valued employees
  • improve collaboration among individuals in their own school participating in Consortium activities
  • develop stronger connections among the Consortium schools
  • enhance the value of membership in the Consortium
Goals for Fellows

If selected for the Susan Vogt Leadership Fellows Program, each Fellow will:
  • participate in The Consortium Leaderful Series, facilitated by Joe Raelin, The Asa Knowles Chair of Practice-Oriented Education at Northeastern University
  • conduct a practical, collaborative project
  • contribute to a "network of agitators for the good" within and across member schools
  • convene, connect, and coordinate Consortium participants within their own school following the extraordinary example set by Susan Vogt at Wellesley College
To support these goals, Fellows will:
  • meet with other Fellows as a learning team throughout the year
  • develop a personal learning plan customized to their goals and project
  • enlist a sponsor from their institution
  • have access to higher education leaders in a variety of functions, such as CFO, VP of Human Resources, and CIO
  • have access to high-quality training, which will be provided at a reduced cost to the sponsoring school, through the Consortium's Professional Development Series
Vogt Fellow Candidates

All member schools are encouraged to participate in the Fellowship. Each Consortium school may sponsor one Fellow with an opportunity to send additional fellows if space is available. Additional Fellows will be considered by receipt of their application. Sponsoring institutions pledge to support their candidate’s full participation in the yearlong program by providing release time (approximately two days each month) and normal salary. The institution will also pay a tuition fee of $2,295 per Fellow.

Candidates should demonstrate a deep commitment to higher education, their institution, and The Boston Consortium. They should have a strong interest in their personal and professional development and in the development of others. Candidates should be capable of guiding transformative change within their institution.

To learn if your school is participating in the program and their nomination process contact your Human Resources office. Application deadline: May 18, 2017.

Vogt Alumni

Babson College
Kate Andreottola
Robyn Betts
Brian Duggan
Theresa Holland
Chris Kandus-Fisher
Kate Kozik O’Leary
Elise LaMotte
Matthew McGuire
Karen Zuffante Pabon
Tracee Petrillo
Katherine Price
Dee Stonberg
Sharon Yardley
Bentley University
Nancy Antunes
Caroline Bombrun
Jalila EL Jadidi
Bernie Farrell
Valerie Fox
Leigh Gaspar
Hope Houston
David Norman
John Piga
Erika Vardaro
Berklee College of Music
Cynthia Bethune
Janet Chwalibog
Angela Davis
Joseph Gonzalez
Jessica Halton
Tamia Jordan
Renese King
Eileen Knight
Hebert Labbate
Mark Martino
Sandra Musella
Roya Nassery
Sean Philpott
Sara Regan
Steven Riggs
Stephen Rodriguez
Jane Stachowiak
Carolyn Tidwell
Andrea Tikofsky
Beth Woodcome
Boston College
Sheppard Barnett
Sharon Blumenstock
Maura Colleary
Carolyn Donoghue
Paulette Durett
Bob Goyette
Sidney Holloway
Susan Hynes
Joana Maynard
Patricia Lowe
Jamie Mihaich
C. Ong
Jacqueline Regan
Kenna Sullivan
Boston University
Alexandra Adams
Nancy Ahern
Peter Cahn
Elizabeth H. Cerrato
Maureen A. Clark
Mena daSilva-Clark
Jonathan Cote
Janette Countryman
Christopher Dorney
Eric Friedman
Ty Furman
Elizabeth Green
Thierry Guedj
Alissa Leonard
Suzette Levenson
Ruth Ann Murray
Bill Pesanelli
Sharon Sankey
Domenic Screnci
George Snowdon
Brandeis University
Tom Broussard
Peter deAndrade
Laura Gardner
Matthew Parillo
Joshua Wilson
Emerson College
Andy Vidal
Emmanuel College
Ellen Sweeney
Harvard University
Kirsten Colton
Heidi Conway
Lauren Degley Feldman
Lauren Dewey Platt
Dayna Johnson
Pamela Massey
Elaine Pridham
Catherine Avril
Sarah Brady
Leslie Bridson
Kande Culver
Peter Cummings
Sonja Dagbjartsdottir
John DiFava
Christine Fitzgerald
Leah Flynn
Deborah Gallagher
Chris Gresham
Nicolene Hengen
Beverley Kerr
Barbara Lechner
Kimberly Mancino
Barbara Peacock-Coady
Tracy Purinton
Catherine Qin Shi
Scott Rolph
Patricia Sheppard
Jill Soucy
Zahida Taher
Janet Walzer
David Weber
Anne Whealan
Anna Wilbanks
Thomas Witkowski
Mary Ziegler
Northeastern University
Steven Brehio
Bree Edwards
Jerry Foster
Mary Groarke
David Hautanen, Jr.
Carolyn Jasinski
Maureen Joyce
Walter Lind (deceased)
Susan Scannell
Olin College of Engineering
Patricia Berardi
David Carver
Terri Dunphy
Mary Fitzpatrick
Alyson Goodrow
Kurt Hirschenhofer
Zhaopeng Ji
Emily Moscol
Lori Parmet
Carol Reilly
Scott Slaboden
Rhode Island School of Design
Sarah Caggiano
Suffolk University
Susan Bonvouloir
Lori Cawthorne
Suzanne John
Marian Sales
Lauri Umansky
Roderick Waters
Wellesley College
Veronica Brandstrader
Vanessa Britto
Martha Dietrick
Lori Friedman
Melissa Fletcher
Ian Graham
Anne Manning
Karen Ossen
Joy Paradissis Playter
Katherine Rooks
Catherine Salop
Carolyn Slaboden
Jennifer Thomas-Starck
Wheaton College
Amy Cembor
Kay Kimball Gruder
Jennifer Lund
Omaira Roy
Important Dates

May 18, 2017 Application Deadline

July 14, 2017

Acceptance Notifications Mailed to Fellows and Sponsors
September 8, 2017 $2,295 Tuition Due

The Susan Vogt Leadership Fellows Program September 2017 - May 2018

2017-2018 Meeting Schedule

Orientation Day

Location: The Wellesley College Club

Time: 9:00AM – 5:30PM

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Regular Meetings

Location: Northeastern University, Barletta Hall
370 Common Street
Dedham, MA 02026

Time: 7:30 – 10:30 AM
Continental breakfast will be available

Dates: Wednesday


October 4
October 25
November 15
December 6
January 17
February 7
February 28
March 21
April 11
May 2
Commencement Day

Location: Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center
Wellesley College

Time: 9:00AM – 7:00PM

Date: TBD Week of May 14th or 21st

Application & Statement of Purpose
The Susan Vogt Leadership Fellows Program
September 2017 - May 2018

View Application.

Submit the completed Application and Statement of Purpose to your HR Department no later than May 18, 2017.

If you have any questions about the application process please contact your HR Department. If you have any questions about the Fellows Program, please e-mail Denise Iannone at

Candidate Information

Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Title: ____________________________________________________________
Department: ____________________________________________________________
Institution: ___________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________ Fax: ____________________ E-mail: ___________________

Sponsor Information

Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Title: ____________________________________________________________
Department: ____________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________ Fax: ____________________ E-mail: ____________________

Statement of Purpose

Along with your application you need to submit to your HR Department a one-page statement of purpose outlining why you are interested in the Fellowship, as well as your commitment to higher education, your institution, and The Boston Consortium. Describe the leadership competencies you would like to develop as a result of the Fellowship opportunity. Part of the Fellowship will involve designing a practical, collaborative project. Although your idea will not likely be fully formed at this stage, describe the project you would like to pursue as part of your Fellowship experience. Describe how the Fellowship experience will help you serve as a grassroots activist and how your contributions will span across organizations and functions.